Shipping and Returns Policy

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  • We will make every effort to ship your order same day if the order is received by 12pm midday. Otherwise we will make every effort to ensure all orders are shipped by COB the following day.
  • Orders will be shipped business days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).
  • Australia Post is our primary shipping partner.
  • If unforseen circumstances prevent shipping we will contact the customer.
  • If the item is unavailable for some unforseen reason we will contact the customer and discuss options such as full refund or a revised delivery date.


We pride ourselves in our Customer Service and we want to help you resolve your problem as quickly as possible


We need to discuss the issue first because:

  • We may not necessarily require the item to be returned for a replacement or refund.
  • We need to agree that the terms of the return are acceptable.
  • We may need to specify how the item is to be returned.
  • We may decide to send you a pre-paid postage satchel.

WHAT can be returned?

All products we sell are eligible for a return providing there are reasonable grounds such as the following.

  • Proof of purchase is evident.
  • The item was not as expected and can be returned in original condition and packaging.
  • The item was incorrectly ordered or incorrectly supplied and can be returned in original condition and packaging.
  • The item has a manufacturing fault.
  • The item arrived 'dead' - does not work.
  • The item has broken while be used as the manufacture intended and was not the subject of abuse or incorrect use.

WHEN do items need to be returned by?

  • If the item has been incorrectly ordered or supplied return is expected withinn 10 days.
  • Warranty claims will take into account retail laws and manufacturers warranty policies. 

WHERE do items need to be returned to?

Knife Supplies
PO Box  10

HOW do customers return items?

CONTACT US FIRST  Return item packaged as per our requirements with proof of purchase and your full contact details including name, address, phone number and email address.  We may decide to send you a pre-paid postage satchel.

SHIPPING for returns?

We will pay return shipping costs if we have supplied items in error or the item has a manufacturing fault and the item is returned within 10 days. Shipping costs for returns after 10 days will be paid by the buyer.

CREDIT for returns?

We will either provide a refund or replace the item at the preference of the customer and subject to stock availability.

Packing materials?

Items are to be returned with appropriate packaging that will protect the item from damage.  If items in new and original condition are returned in a damaged condition we may not refund the full value.